Syodo (Japanes Calligraphy)Artist   
Syodo Art Consultant  

I started my career as an artist of brush painting(Japanes Calligraphy), while drawing title name “The Tigers of Money” , a famous TV programme broadcasted on Nippon TV.

I called myself “syoronin”, a word of “syo” (Japanese Calligraphy) and “ronin” (A masterless samurai) referring to Miyamoto Musashi, a Japanese swordsman with great sensitivity, who also called himself “ronin”.

I express all the pieces of my brush paintings as not just a calligraphy, but also a world of art.

I created lots of Syodo artworks such as TV programme titles, books titles, product design, original artworks, and logo design of numerous shops and companies in Japan and overseas.

My brush painting artworks also collaborated with Okinawan Bamboos, and those artworks were exhibited at The National Art Center, Tokyo, and also at other prefectural museum.

And then afterwards, I started drawing Dragon Painting, fascinated the people of Asia, Europe, and United States of America, etc..  

In addition, I had written the brush painting for The Emperor and Empress of Japan during their visit of Okinawa.

I had also written the name of the chairman of Gucci in Italy, and also held performing live in the party of Tadanori Konishi, a French chef who has made the final dinner of Coco Chanel, and the meals of Grace Patricia Kelly.

In resent years, in response to the needs of various companies, I got many job requests of Indoor/Outdoor Space Design, and also the color painting using special technique, in addition to the original technique of brush painting art.
2018  Won the awards of Japan Design Calligrapher
2020  20th anniversary of my brush painting career
2022  Exhibitor of the World Art Dubai 2022

About My Art

My art is actually “To draw an art” but neither “Write a letter in a proper way ” nor “Just a Calligraphy”.
There is no standard, no rules.
No need rewrite.
No need training.
I always tell my students,
“When you draw an apple, there is no rules which part you need to draw first, right?  
It is up to you to decide drawing the stem first, or the plate first , or the shape first, as you like.”
This is exactly the theory of my art creation.
No rules of stroke order.
No drawing rules to follow.
That is why my artworks could be able to make you feel more at ease.


The global pandemic caused by the coronavirus has disrupted the lives of most people in the world. As if this pandemic immediately plunged the world into the 4th dimension world, and I was there trying to find a way to express my art.  

And then, one thing came to my mind was the series of MY NEW OPPOSITE ARTS that I created 10 years ago.
Let me tell you the reason why I created the new opposite arts.
10 years ago when I traveled Italy, I was inspired by the 2 greatest Italian artists. Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti.   
Leonardo da Vinci`s – The Chaos in the Earth and the Universe.
Michelangelo Buonarroti – The Creation in the Earth
They had totally opposite nature, but such kind of opposite depicts the worldview of “Yin and Yang” that attracted me a lot.   
The 2 greatest artists, as my greatest teacher, ignited my mind to start creating opposite arts at that time.
10 years later while we are now in the outbreak of coronavirus, I make up my mind to evolve those opposite arts. I believe that the world is not just a momentary one-way world, but I also believe that there exists a Positive and Negative (“+” and “-“)  
This is what we would like to express through my brush and ink.

And also we can see the rapid growth of the network media, and also the rapid change of the environment surrounding us, caused by the coronavirus pandemic. I make use of them and I believe that my new opposite arts were established to a new mobile media art.

The fun of my new opposite art.

Of course, you can enjoy my new opposite art by seeing directly from your eyes (no opposite), Please also sense the opposite in different dimension in your brain.

Welcome to the world of MY NEW OPPOSITE ART!
It is my pleasure to show you how to explore my new opposite art through your mobile media.  
I am looking forward to your participation.

How to view my New Opposite Art

Inspired by the 2 greatest Italian artists. Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti, Syoronin ZENRYU`s NEW OPPOSITE ART was born in 2010.

Based on a hint from the blurring technique that is unique to Okinawa Bingata, a traditional dyed textile of Okinawa (The place where I was born), I created my original ink brushes, keep pressing the brushes on the cloth.

Of course, you can enjoy my new opposite art by viewing directly from your eyes (no opposite effect), but it is much more enjoyable to view my New Opposite Art, by simply using your handphone or tablet.

How to view!!

Using iPad, iPhone: (Procedure may vary depending on your iPhone/iPad model)
1) Go to “Settings” > ”Accessibility” > “Display & Text Size” > → Tap ”Classic Invert”

And you can see the screen now automatically reverses the color with a black background turns to white, and white turns to black. And then view my new opposite art with the camera.   

2) Or activate Siri, and then say “Turn on Invert Colors”, and view it with the camera.

Using Android:(Procedure may vary depending on your Android version)
Go to “Settings” > ”Accessibility” > “Color Inversion”

And then view my new opposite art with the camera.

Back to the original setting of your handphone/tablet.




禅画 2010 / Zenga 2010

風神 / Fujin






雷神 / Raijin






多聞天 / Tamonten






伐折羅-1 / Basara-1






伐折羅-2 / Basara-2






禅画 2020 / Zenga 2020

金剛力士吽形 / Kongorikishi-ungyo






仙人 / Sennin






持国天(興福寺) / Jikokuten(Koufukuji)






金剛力士阿形 / Kongorikishi-agyo






持国天(東大寺) / Jikokuten(Todaiji)






アニマルシリーズ / ANIMALS







隼-1 / FALCOM-1






隼-2 / FALCOM-2












ライオン / LION


















アオウミガメ / BLUE TATLE







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